Defeating Addiction

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Before I came to Narconon Balkan, I was in a trap—a vicious cycle of self-destruction and destruction of everything around me.

When I started the Narconon program, the Withdrawal Specialists, the vitamins and minerals made going through the initial withdrawal period go by with ease.

Then I started the New Life Detoxification. With the help of the sauna, I cleaned my body from literally all the toxins that had built up. My appetite returned, my sleep was restored and I was finally able to get quality sleep (a problem that I have had for almost 10 years). I become more energetic, more alert and I started thinking more positively. I actually reset my biological clock.

With help of the Objectives course, my ability to communicate was increased to a new level. I am now able to face challenges. I learned how to cope, how to control, and how to be persistent in achieving my goals. My awareness has increased and many things have become clearer. My perceptions have improved and I have regained lost abilities.
“The best decision in my life was coming to Narconon”

I learned about people and what kind of people I should be around and what kind of people I need to remove from my life. I found out what was causing my instability and I learned how to deal with it. I learned the rules to live an honest and happy life, and I got rid of the mechanism by which I was subconsciously and continually making mistakes in my life. I have learned formulas and steps that I need to not only control my life, but also, how to improve my life. And, finally, I have put an end to the problems of the past. The best decision in my life was coming to Narconon. I am so happy that I defeated today’s worst enemy, drug addiction, and I turned my life around!

Student at Narconon Balkan – B.S.

Filip Fidanovski

Filip is a Narconon Graduate who is now working as Director of Promotion & Marketing at Narconon Balkan



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