Ready to Live My Life Drug Free

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(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)

When I first came here I was totally completely spaced out. Actually, I didn’t know what, where or when, but mechanically I knew that I was here to stop using drugs.

In Withdrawal, I got through the first days, taking the vitamins and doing assists helped me to remain calm. After I completed Withdrawal, I started on the New Life Detoxification Program, during this process the vitamins and the period inside the sauna, helped me get rid of all the toxins inside my body. I felt free like a bird, powerful, my emotions returned to me. I was able to sleep very well. I was more in present time. I felt very healthy, with a lot of positive energy. I was thinking positively about my life. It was amazing to me, I didn’t even really believe all the positive energy I was feeling at that moment—it was just, wow!

After I successfully the sauna portion, I started studying in the course room. I started with the Objective course where I completed different drills like Be There and Confront, which helped me to be in present time and confront any situation in life. I learned how to acknowledge, how to handle any situation, how to ignore bad comments that I will encounter in life, how to have intention without reservation to accomplish things that I will do in life. I start to feel more sure and comfortable with my life. During Objectives, I regained lost abilities. I realized and understood many new things about my life. I felt totally free, and happy to enjoy the present without being fixated on the past or worrying about the future.

“I learned about ethics, right and wrong and things which were really needed in my life.”

For the next step, I started the Life Skills courses. In the first course Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life, I learned about the different characteristics and personalities of people—Anti-Social and Social. Now I know which type of people I should hang out with to remain drug free. On the second course Personal Values, I learned about ethics, right and wrong, and the things which were really needed in my life. While working on this second course, I began to completely understand the mistakes of my actions. Seeing this made me more responsible. It also made me feel free, calm and more certain about my life.

The last course was Changing Conditions in Life. This course helped me to recognize the condition my life was in and how to use this to assess the conditions of my life in the future in different situations and how to plan the proper steps to always go up the conditions. Now that I am repairing the damage I created toward each area of my life, I feel 100% free, calm, happy and powerful as a drug-free person.

I would like to thank, with all my heart, all the Narconon staff who helped me to stand up again in life and to live my life as a drug-free person.

Narconon Balkan Graduate – A.SH.


Filip Fidanovski

Filip is a Narconon Graduate who is now working as Director of Promotion & Marketing at Narconon Balkan



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