Addiction and Society

I would like to share my story about my life briefly, about how cocaine and alcohol ruined all of my success and my dreams. It will remain in the past as my addiction is gone and now I am living a drug-free life. 

First of all, I would like to mention the opportunities that I have had in the past years, including education and my family’s business—a huge company which was the dream of my parents that I would follow in it. I lived in a small city with tough society and bad friends who increased my curiosity for cocaine and alcohol. I had decided to study in England, after some months of using these drugs, I was unaware that I had become addicted. I went to England to continue my education, but I was held back by my addiction which damaged my progress in my studies. My addiction did not allow me to be in a good state of mind or to be a good example for society. I was there with just my body present for four years and not with my mind. My life was damaged by not successfully finishing my studies and for being an infection to society through my behavior of fighting and not controlling myself. After this failure, in England,  I made empty promises that I would go back home and expand the business. This led me to go back to the same place where I started my addiction. 

I continued with this same behavior in my new life, again fighting and breaking the laws and putting society in danger. I even didn’t work for a whole year, still getting wrecked by my addiction to alcohol and cocaine. I created damage in my neighborhood and my environment where I used to go, I also went to jail being drunk and made my family get rid of me and find a solution.

This solution today was the bright side of my life which changed everything about me, my behavior and it solved my addiction. I am drug and alcohol-free, with a new vision, as an ethical person with integrity. This is thanks to Narconon Balkan, who helped me to overcome my addiction. Today I am able to run my business, have my own family and be a good example for the young generation and society.

Graduate of Narconon Balkan – A.B.


Narconon Balkan