Changed Viewpoint toward Groups and Friends

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Through Narconon, my life has been rebuilt. All the changes in me are so clear and obvious to my family, the other Narconon students and the staff members here at the centre.

I was part of many groups in my life, whether school friends or work and street friends. I was a part of those groups but I was supporting activities which weren’t right. Since then I’ve changed my ethics and my personal moral code. I now don’t consider myself part of some of those groups. Those groups are not necessary to have in my life, and I have been distancing myself from them since I have become drug free. By learning Personal Values and doing the Ups and Downs courses I separated out the social and antisocial people and through this I am not involved with the destructive and “street” people in my life.

I can thank Narconon for helping me to overcome those actions which I had been doing while part of those groups and for helping me change my viewpoint. I see and I consider myself operating on a different pattern of behavior. I want to be part of a constructive group, by knowing using morals in my life and having my personal values.

I see my future being in an elevated condition with the people around me, now what my life was 7 months ago. 

Through my success, I now want to get involved and reach and help others as part of the group of the graduates, like me, and the expert staff members so that I can help others achieve the success I now have.

I am very proud of this state and I want other people, the groups around me, and the society I am part of to be the same. 

Student at Narconon Balkan – A.B.


Narconon Balkan