Fulfilled Life

Sober man
Photo by redhare.eu/Shutterstock.com

With the help of a programme in Narconon Balkan, I understood how wrong I was for not taking action on something that disturbed me.

I would go on with the thought that I just know it and that’s it. It affected many ways of my life. I would stay with friends just because they wanted me to stay or had an interest. I would not say no; I would just go on with them. I know I see that this has to change the will and the feeling of doing things with more will, and joy is back. I want to go to work for myself and just me without someone telling me to go, and also learn new skills.

At Narconon, my life completely changed. Now I live a happy and fulfilled life.

V.S., Student at Narconon Balkan


Narconon Balkan