I Wasted a Lot of Years Using Drugs…

Sober man standing on the street in sunshine.

At the beginning of the New Life Detoxification my body and mind were intoxicated. I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. As time passed, I slowly started experiencing changes in myself. I started to have a more clear body and also a clearer mind. I started to be more focused than I was before and also I felt more confident.

I have certainty about the decisions I’m making now. Abilities that I had lost from taking drugs have also returned and I’ve regained a lot of other abilities. When I sleep at night I feel great. When I wake up I’m not the person that I was before—angry or nervous for no reason. Now, before I act, I think about the consequences that could happen. During the New Life Detoxification I was thinking about the past, the mistakes and the problems that occurred to me through using drugs, but now I’m not worried or upset about the past because what happened, happened and the past is the past. Now I’m thinking about what I’ll do in the future, because with drugs I wasted a lot of years, friends, time with close friends and family, and too many other abilities.

It’s time for a change and a totally different, happy and productive life.

F.S—Student at Narconon Balcan

(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)


Narconon Balkan

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