My behavior toward society changed

Narconon Balkan

After having written my harmful actions concerning society I have come to see how my behavior toward society changed over the years and also how I impacted society with my actions.

I see that as my drug use and alcohol use increased, so did the negative impact I was having on society. I see that the more I was high on drugs the less I cared about the damage I was causing. I also notice that in the years before I started using drugs I was creating significantly less harmful actions on society than after I took drugs. Before I was a positive member of society, I would help people, I would contribute where I could and cared about the well-being of others.

I used to volunteer and was involved with different charities; I really cared and wanted to help the people who were vulnerable and less fortunate. However, as my drug use gradually increased I started to care less for society, my friends, my family and even myself. I became selfish and my number one priority became to get drugs, and this became the central focus of my life.

I am happy that I’m now able to see how my behavior deteriorated over the years, because I can now change it. I have now noticed that I care more for others and I’m no longer only concerned about my own well-being, but I truly care for the well-being of others.

It scares me to see the destructive actions I was doing and it also makes me think how lucky I am that I didn’t end up in jail or even dead. I was doing some bad things and there were times where I could have created irreversible destruction to my life. However, it also makes me appreciate more the person that I am now and it makes my journey to get here more valuable. I have really reflected on my past and I’m happy that I now know the way to be a constructive member of society.

K.A.—Student at Narconon Balkan


Narconon Balkan

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