Wonderful Beginnings on the New Life Detoxification

Photo by Murilo Botelho from Pexels

I would like to share my wins and gains of my first week on the New Life Detoxification.

First of all, I feel stronger and healthier than before. I am now able to run 30 minutes without stops and when I finish with the running, I don’t feel tired. As the days are passing the quality of my sleep is getting better and better.

I had some pain in my chest and arms mussels from the gym but now I can confront them, they don’t disturb me and they don’t stop me from enjoying the day. This I’ve never experienced before, if something was a struggle for me I would lie in bed all day.

My mental health is much better now!

I don’t dwell on the mistakes of my past, every image that comes to my mind from the past goes the same second, that is because I decided to ignore them and I don’t let them bother me anymore. Whenever I have thoughts about my family I say to myself that they are good and they are waiting for me, so I only need to continue the program and use this chance to change my life for the better. 

Student in Narconon Balkan – SH.A.


Narconon Balkan