Analyzing Correctly Based on People’s Actions

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The students on the Narconon Program learn about what causes someone to “roller coaster” emotionally and physically—which is to say, why a person is up one day and down the next. This is done by study and practical assignments on the Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course. Once the students have learned how to spot the factors that cause the ups and downs (namely, association with antisocial personalities), they can then avoid them in their life.

Here is a success story from a student who finished the course:

“With the help of the Ups & Downs in Life Course, I’ve become educated in how to spot the characteristics of social and antisocial personalities. I now have an actual tool with which to know whether a person is good or bad to be around and now I can analyze correctly based on people’s actions.

“Now I know how to be cause and not effect when handling different situations in my life.”

“I discovered when I experienced the first suppression in my life, when I realized that, I felt very relieved. Now I know how to be causative and not effect when handling different situations in my life.

On this course, I found out that I need to mix only with social personalities—as they are the ones actually helping society—and to cut any and all communication with antisocial people.”

R.H.—Student at Narconon Balkan


Narconon Balkan

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