Changes that I’ve Experienced

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In this success story, deep from my heart, I want to describe how my personality has fundamentally changed.

I came to Narconon Balkan for rehabilitation. Now, having completed, I am surprised that this program was more than that. Through this program, I’ve changed not only for myself, but I’ve changed also for my family as well. I saw this because I can see the difference in my relations with them has improved, and only so far by speaking on phone calls.

Here I understand how to conduct myself properly with other people and how to respect everybody, no matter their age. Here I understand how to live with discipline and not live frantically for no particular reason.

I need just to be here, confront, persist and not give up.

This program helped me to see what is right and what is wrong and how not to repeat the same mistakes in my life. Doing this by putting constructive people into my environment, by applying the methods this program has shown me, because now I am a drug free person.

I am on a higher level now and to tell the truth, I am really happy that I’ve changed because now, I am somebody. For my family first, for the society, and for a million friends that have a drug-free life.

“Really, we can live without drugs, we can celebrate, dance and we can do everything without them…“

So, what I've done is done but that phase of my life is finished, now I have another mission that is called a drug-free life. I will show all that life is not about drugs. Really, we can live without drugs, we can celebrate, dance, and live without them. Life is about one’s family, profession, work, home and being in everything one puts their attention, good.

Thank you so much to L. Ron Hubbard for this program. Thank you so much to all the staff here that helped me to change my life and helped me to make my family smile again. I got my life back thanks to this program.

Narconon Balkan Graduate - K.H.


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