Integrity for a Better Life

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While doing the Objectives, I understood that I was taking action because of my emotions, and I was letting my emotions change what I thought was real and this caused me to lose my integrity. Whenever I was emotional, I would let this affect and change my communication, and I would let my emotions drive me to do bad things.

After I started the Narconon Life Skills courses, I started to see just how much my reality had become complicated because of compromises I was making. On the Personal Values course, I began to know myself and I understood many things about my position in my family and in society. While doing the practical assignments on the course, it was my Course Supervisor who helped open my eyes and taught me more about the meaning of integrity. I continued to work to rebuild my own personal integrity and there was a moment when I had a realization about my signature, I have never had the same signature, I would always sign in different ways, it was then that I understood what was different in my integrity and character.

From that moment on, I decided to change my signature and to have just one—that made me understand that I should change my actions. I started to control my emotions and my communication. By using ethics I began to become more aware of my responsibilities and communication, and while controlling my communication I began to feel that my integrity was increasing. In the past, when I would see others doing something bad, I would say to myself,  “what others are doing is not my problem,” and by not taking action, I now see that I was harming my own integrity and what others were doing was becoming my problem. 

When I started to right bad behavior, I saw that I am not only helping myself, but I am helping others. This makes me feel good about myself and it also increases my feeling of integrity. I will continue to use ethics and increase my integrity to be successful and happy person.

Student at Narconon Balkan – B.P.


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