We Need to Set Ourselves Free from the Chains of Guilt

Making the right choices determines the whole future. But what is right? How can one determine this for himself in every case? This course helps the students to establish their own personal “backbone” and gives the framework for making decisions so one can trust himself to do the right thing, whatever that is for him.

Here is a success story from one of the students who is on the Personal Values course.

Bird setting himself free

During all these days writing about the harmful actions I did in the past towards my family, I’ve experienced a lot of changes and reactions—from falling asleep while writing, getting angry and uncomfortable with myself, sometimes feeling empty and then all of a sudden in a hyped-up mood, to a sense of calmness and peace within me.

Confronting and describing the wrong deeds I did towards my relatives and family, gave me a great feeling of relief and I was greatly surprised how the communication with my family changed for the better, in a very natural way.

This makes me believe that the deeds and words we’ve locked deep down inside ourselves, will haunt us and affect our lives, and so that’s why we need to set ourselves free from the chains of guilt and to be able to live an honest and a morally productive life.”

—B.S. Student at Narconon Balkan


Narconon Balkan

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