Taking Control of Life

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It seems almost unbelievable that I have arrived at this point. I thought it would be impossible for me to make such great progress and to experience so many changes in such a short period of time.

Here are the wins I’ve had doing Objectives:

Patience—I learned how to wait and hear other people’s opinions and ideas and I learned how to be patient about changes, about how to see things in different and reasonable ways, and how to react properly to certain actions.

Belief in Myself—I am once again the real me. I believe in myself again without self-judging and I believe that with enough determination I can do good and logical things. I now believe that I can be a better person who has the ability to do real and effective things in life.

Personality—I thought I had lost the most important characteristics of my personality, but no, I was simply scared to show them before and put them into practice.

The earlier fears I had are now gone, thanks to doing the Objectives. Now I want to try everything that seems challenging and that I think might be hard.

Toughness—I no longer feel adversely affected by people’s words or their actions. Now there are a lot of things that I want to say, do or feel. No one can put me down and make me feel less confident about my actions, because going down and then rising up again on one's own is the meaning of life. I’m finally free. I’m me. I have a voice and I’m doing worthwhile actions, and no one else can change that.

Clear Mind—Before doing Objectives I had a lot of confusion in my mind. It was full of all kinds of bad thoughts and bad experiences which weren’t allowing me to be free to show who I really was.

I had stuck attention all the time because I was afraid of sharing a single communication and I would keep everything inside me and not even consider sharing my thoughts with anyone. I gained the ability to think clearly and to have clear memories. This was a gift because I’m finally certain of my goals and intentions in life.

Control—I now know what’s right and what’s wrong and that I won’t fall down when trying to handle “difficult” situations or decisions.

Willingness—Having no will to do anything, not wanting to change and make things better in your life and, instead, just sitting in a chair doing nothing, is the worst thing one can do to oneself.

If you push yourself and believe in yourself you can start to make things right. The most important factor in life, in my opinion, is having enough determination to start from zero and go to where you think you can reach.

In short, if you don’t exert enough pressure on yourself and don’t allow yourself to experience everything, you’ll never get up and do the right thing.

My advice is to have a clear purpose, have a clear choice, and be clear in your mind as to what you think life is. Be honest and ethical and you’ll see that life can bring you much happiness.

By doing all this, you’ll never fall down, because you’ll be in control of life and it won’t be controlling you.

N.O.—Student at Narconon Balkan


Filip Fidanovski

Filip is a Narconon Graduate who is now working as a Marketing and Promotions Manager at Narconon Balkan