The Life I Was Living Before Is Now Just a Distant Memory

The New Life Detoxification program is a step completed early in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. It combines time in a sauna with nutritional supplements and exercise to flush out old, stored toxins left behind after drug or alcohol use. These toxins have proven to have a damaging effect on a former drug user’s mood and outlook. As the toxins leave, it’s even possible for some people to sense which type of drug residue is being washed away at that moment. When all the residues have been eliminated, many people say their outlooks are brighter and their cravings have reduced. Here’s the story from one person who completed this step.

The New Life Detoxification has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have gained a lot mentally and physically, and now I am in a better condition. I have not felt this good in many years.

Young man with beard, content.

The toughest part of the program was the first two weeks. During this period, I experienced the most changes. There were days where I would feel great and other days where I would feel down. It was very much like a rollercoaster ride. A few days before finishing, I could feel the effects of cocaine I had taken long ago. It was as if I had just taken the drug at that moment. This was an astonishing manifestation. After the feeling passed, I felt amazing.

The days after that were very good. After completing this step of the Narconon program, I felt like I have come back to life.

The life I was living before is a distant memory. It just feels like a dream. Physically, I am in the best condition I have been in years, I can see much more clearly and I am more active and feel more vital. Mentally, I can now think clearly. I can concentrate better and now I am more aware in all situations.

Mentally, I can now think clearly. I can concentrate better and now I am more aware in all situations.

And best of all, I do not think about drugs anymore. These thoughts never cross my mind because now, I am living a happy life.

K.A. — Student at Narconon Balkan

(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)


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