Groups Are Life

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

A group is two or more people joined for the same purpose. In life, we participate in many groups, from family when we are born and all through life. This is my story about groups.

From 13 years old, I was always a member of a group and almost all of them were drug-related and unethical groups. To tell the truth, I was following my morals and the ones prescribed by a deceitful, dirty, and evil code of conduct—even though I was proud and it was like “honor among the thieves,” living by the codes of crime and believing I was righteous.

“Today I am a drug-free person in constructive group that does good and most importantly, we do it together.”

This was all just dust in my eyes to keep me blind to evil deeds. Today, I am writing this as a drug-free person, a member of a Narconon group, and as I look back to all those groups all around the world, I see only one good thing: this was my journey that led me to where I am today. Today, I am happy to wake up and make breakfast, not deals. Today I’m eager to study, not to traffic drugs. Today I am proud to give advice, not harm. Today after fourteen years in my relationship, I am truly a husband and a father. Today, I am a drug-free person in a constructive group that does good, and most importantly, we do it together.

Thanks to Narconon Balkan that gave me this new view on life!

Student of Narconon Balkan – G.T.


Narconon Balkan