Choose the Raw Bricks


This is my last week at Narconon and I am taking one last look in the rearview mirror of my car called life. Today this car is Volvo, secure, safe, reliable. What I’m trying to say is that I’m inside a good group—a good car with good brakes, comfortable chairs, precise instruments, and a nice ambiance.

In the mirror, I see many cars that are broken, blowing up in flames and the road looks like a rocky mountain goat trail. Because of my colorful life experience, I consider myself fully competent to write all of this, because if you didn’t walk through the valley of death you will never really appreciate the bricks on the highway of life. I’ve been a member of many destructive groups, global destructive not neighborhood destructive, participating like a client, like a supplier, like a co-worker and like a friend.

Believing in many fake morals and codes, I was loyal to evil. Life experience that was marking my path since criminal movies and war in my country that give birth to a generation of drugs and violence (crime). Without any need, I’ve gone to a life of drugs and crime and with an enthusiasm that if I were painting, I would be a new Goya, if it would be science, I would be the new Nikola Tesla. But this wasn’t my game, I was interested in dirty money, immorality, and the worst of all, pure drugs—to consume, traffic, produce—every branch. Drugs were my life, they were my sweet dream. I was an inventive kid with big plans, so I put in the effort and made my dream come true, wishes fulfilled, places to go, people to see, like a nomad I’ve lived and enjoyed the hell of my own desire. The dream of a young boy turned into a nightmare of a grown man—paranoia, conflicts, lives lost, pain and suffering in family. I had traveled far from everything good in my life, even emotions, even thoughts, the spiral become smaller and smaller and everybody and anything connected to me was affected.

“I am capable to be good husband and father, and I am competent to give you all one advice: ‘choose raw bricks of life and avoid the shine once because the gold stairs lead to hell.’”

But today I am climbing out of the chute and I am sure of what I want. I want good for all zones of my life that surround me. I am capable of being a good husband and father. Because I’ve lived it, I am qualified to give you this one piece of advice: “Choose raw bricks of life and avoid the shiny ones because the gold stairs lead to hell.”

Student of Narconon Balkan – G.T.


Narconon Balkan